Carpet knitting?

I saw this article about a male knitter who makes felted carpets. It's on the Brownsheep blog homepage.
I was glad to see that the sex of the knitter was never presented as an oddity or curiosity -- only the fact that he knits left-handed.
I want to see the bear rug!


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Here in Brooklyn we call them Bukaran rug makers...mostly male, folk artists, and quite skilled...and not uncommon here. Glad to see the craft getting web presence.

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The articles says he had a company put the felted squares together. Any ideas on that? What is that called to have a company do that? I'm always interested in home accessories.

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There may be a machine that stitches them together...all I know of is a method of fusing them together using a three inch wide jute strip backing.
It uses a kind of hot melt glue.