Magic Mosaic Afghan

For my next project, I want to tackle Barbara Walker's magic mosaic afghan. I love mosaic tiles in general and would love to see it in a blanket. My issue is on how much yarn to buy (so that I'm using the same lot numbers.) There's no indication in the book and when I research online, I haven't found an answer. Has anyone completed this project? Does anyone have an idea on how I might try to figure out how much yarn is needed?

Thanks for your help.


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I've not knit this but one method is to get a couple of balls of yarn in the colors you wish to use, knit a square in the size you want, then weigh the leftover yarn to see how much it took to do the square. [Be certain to weigh the balls first so you have accurate numbers to work from: I had a recent project I barely finished, thinking I had a full 4 ounces to work with, only to see that the label said "approximately 4 ounces", by weight it was closer to 3 1/2.] That way, you can multiply the ounces/grams by the number of squares you're knitting and have a rough idea of how much yarn you need. Still, if it was me, I'd add a bit extra to ensure there was enough. Extra yarn can go into a hat, scarf, or such.

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