Old Sock Knitting Machine

I have acquired an early 20th century 'Golden Fleece' sock knitting machine. It's an English make but most, I understand, are American. It would appear to be complete but utterly baffling. Such web sites that exist about them give details of their history but not much information about how to use them.
I'd love to get it working and grind away the winter evenings turning out more socks than I could ever wear but I need to collect information about these machines to get some understanding about how to get started. If young girls in WWl managed to make comforts for the troops using these, then I ought to be able to manage it somehow...
Does anyone have any experience of these machines?

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I've seen parts and information for the machines listed on ebay...

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Wow, Simon. What a great find!
Here are a couple of links you might find useful:
The first is a step by step guide to inspecting your new sock knitter: www.countryrain.com/Inspecting.htm

This next link is just one page on a website that is full of information on sock machines, including parts that you can order. This particular page has links to on-line copies of many sock machine manuals. The Golden Fleece is supposed to be mechanically similar to the Auto Knitter and you'll find a 4 part pdf file of an original manual for that machine: http://www.angoravalley.com/csm_instructions.html

Hope this at least gives you a starting place.

John - you are brilliant! thanks for this information. I'm determined to (well attempt to) get the thing going. I'll keep you informed about progress.



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The machines are very easy to use.

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there appears to be one for auction complete with manual on e-bay at the moment.


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