What the...???

What happened to the site yesterday (10/18)? I came here to do a little reading and got a page that didn't look nearly as handsome and attractive as our page.

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the notice I was getting was "domain name expired" - and there are multiple places where I know that things could have slipped between the cracks in the whole process - that it got rectified within 24 hours is good, very good. I've seen the same thing take three and four days depite action being taken immediatley upon discovery.


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I lost one of my domain names trying to transfer it from Network Solutions to another company...and it still isn't resolved... it's been months and NS is playing games by not answering phone calls and emails about it...
meanwhile my site has a generic page!!!

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I've also had horror stories with NSI... I'm sure you can find many others with a little Googling. It used to be that there was this 3 step email/response system you had to do to make any changes to your domain... but if you couldn't get to your domain, you couldn't get email. What a pain... I sure hope it's not like that anymore.

We've use Enom (www.enom.com) for several years and I've no complaints. They're pretty straightforward and integrate with our web hosting signup stuff to automate that whole deal. One of the nice things is that when setting up a new domain name, it happens almost instantly with them.

This site was back up in 4 hours instead instead of 24-48 hours.

Technology really is getting better!

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Not to add too much about this since it's not really a knitting issue, but I've gone through hell with RegisterFly.com in trying to maintain and then transfer my domains. I sent RegisterFly about 30 emails trying to get their attention and never rec'd an email back. Spent hours and hours on hold with that company -- hopefully it'll all get resolved and I'll never do business with RegisterFly again. Maybe there just aren't any good domain registration companies out there.

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I was thrilled to find the site working again, and then to come to this message board, and to find a page that looks nearly as handsome and attractive as this one is even better! I'm so glad that you are around, Bob, to decorate our pages!!