one side of the cardigan is not like the other

OK - I'm working on a sweater, and got the left side of the cardigan done - it's mostly knit and purl, (stockinette) with a ribbed border - of 8 stitches of knit or purl (row 1: k, row 2: k, row 3: p, row 4: p, and so on) - which makes a nice band on the inside most part of the jacket (where the buttons would go) -- I followed the pattern, k1, k2tog, then, to decrease on the "band" side of the sweater, (on the knit row and inside the stockinette part of the pattern), I did an SSK - which decreases the field of the cardigan and moves the "band" closer to the shoulder... (gosh I hope this makes sense) .. anyway, it turned out great. NOW I am doing the right side of the cardigan, and it says only to reverse all pattern and directions for the opposite side. Being the newbie knitter I am, I had made a chart of the hundred or so rows that were done on the left side - so I went to my computer and plugged it all in for the right side and I'm following it along, minding my own business... everything looks great until I get to the place where I need to start decreasing, and doing the SSK.... it seems that all the decreasing, etc, appears to be on the PURL row - and I thought I wasn't supposed to do anyting like that on the purl row... well, it was 10 at night on Sunday and I wanted to try it - the worst that could happen is my friends at the LYS would rip it out for me and help me find my way again - it seems to have worked fairly well - I made up my own SSP kind of stitch and although it looks a tiny bit sloppy I think it's OK -

here's my question - is it ok to ssp or p2tog ever? or what should I have done differently to make the sweater work? when I KNIT on the right side of the cardigan, it was always starting with the RIB edge - ... so should I have done my ribbed edge, then ssk, then knit to the end and bind off the last stitch? (I don't think that works either!)

help me, my brothers! :)



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It is probably easier to do all decreasing on the public side of your sweater and in your case it would be the side that you knit as opposed to purl. Yes, you will have to start your decreases one row before or after you started the decreases on the left side, but one row will not be enough to be noticed. You will need to k2tog since you want to have your decreases lean to the right on this side and an ssk leans to the left. In other words you would knit to 2 stitches before the band, k2tog and then do the band. Purl back and repeat.

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so are you saying that knit and purl are opposites (which I know they are) and k2tog and ssk are opposites? If it's that easy I'm very happy! (a little frustrated because I now have to rip out some stithwork but that's not the end of the world - confirm this for me and I'll try it when I get home!



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Yes, ssk and k2tog are opposites. If you are knitting on the left side of the cardigan you want the band to slant to the left shoulder and therefore, you would ssk. If you are knitting on the right side, you want the band to slant toward the right shoulder and you would do a k2tog.

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It kind of depends on how you want to do it. Some people will do the SSP instead of K2tog. Both more or less look the same. Some patterns work it this way. It is perfectly OK to do increases and decreases on the purl row. It is after all, just the backside of a knit row. Makes no difference whatsoever, as long as you remember what side of the stitch you're going in on, and where your yarn is to be carried.