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I have been looking for a good board to block my sweater (yes I know I haven't even finished it yet) - but I am a shop-a-holic and love finding things - the more "stuff" I have relating to knitting, the happier I am! .... anyway, I found a great one - it's on this site:

it was costly, but I think it'll be the only one I'll ever have to buy - and it folds up!

I also found some cool tools called Knit Klips (I don't like when people use a "k" instead of the "c" in words just to be clever... (or should I say "klever") ick! :)

BUT the clips are cool! here's the site:

which are kind of like hair clips - they are used to attach pieces together and hold them in place (the same way a clothespin would) - as you are attaching the pieces. I ordered some of these as well (after looking at Wal Mart in the hair aisle at little hair clips and deciding they wouldn't work, and figuring out that clothespins are big and not very strong) - I'm waiting to get them -

I am a spending fiend! let's hope it all works out and is worth the investments!




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It sounds like you're having a lot of fun buying tools for your craft! I did the same with the addition of preferring vintage knitting items over new items. I ended up with the best and most completely stocked knitting bag imaginable. But, then I started to learn that all these great gadgets were not really necessary and little by little I thinned out all the superfluous items which frankly eliminated 90% of the items! For example, I find that a piece of waste yarn or an unused circular needle works just fine in place of stitch holders. Butterfly ties work better than bobbins. You don't need cable needles to do cables. And so forth. Often the simpler and cheaper items are the better. But, that being said, I still think it's important to try lots of different tools and then decide which ones work the best for you.

As for blocking, I don't do it. And, I quit sewing up seams. Any sewing can be held neatly in place with T pins. I have seen the items you describe above and well, they ARE cool!

My knitting is totally tubular!

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You can make your own blocking boards -- for those so inclined!

Take a large piece of sturdy foam insulation and cut to size. Cover with gingham. The fabric comes in various sized squares, acting like sqared paper. You have to take care in making sure you place your fabric exactly square on your board, but after that, you are all set. Use can push pins into the foam board. You can even make several of them, fitting them together to make a much larger surface, when needed.

Along with your blocking wires, you are all set for anything!!

(Don't block?? How can you say your knitting is finished?? What are you thinking??!)

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Thanks for posting the blocking board link... it's a well made board... and although the shipping seems tricky... I may have to get one...

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you are right about the shipping - but even at $30 it seems worth it - I talked with the LYS owner who is selling these - and give her the credit for offering them online - she told me they are made by the Ohio Table Pad Co. which is the company that makes the pads for higher end tables (think grandma's dining room set) - I remember working with them when I used to do display/staging work in furniture showrooms ... they are a supurb product - I will be waiting about 4 weeks for mine - just in time for the holidays!




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just got a catalog from they seem to have the same one for $79.

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i bought one of these boards from joann's using a 40% coupon. i love it and i use it regularly. i've also started immersion blocking and i actually now do like to block too. i used to be a non blocker, but i've been converted!!!