new handmade socks Felting question.

Wore my crazy new handknit socks last night. They are textured all the way around, and you know, I like the sensation of the texture underfoot. They felt fabulous but are a little loose, I could probably knit the same yarn on needles 2 sizes smaller. I think I will felt these a little and see how that does.

I wore the socks that killed me (SOCKWARS) last night to keep my tootsies warm (I am putting off turning on the heat in the flat: My electric bill goes from $28 a month to $128 a month, and that's just with having it on in the evening. OUCH!). They too, are a little too big: Kept falling off. So I have a question for you guys who felt: If you were to do partial felting for size: Would you hand wash it and let it felt in the hot dryer, taking it out and trying on the size as you go?


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I'd avoid the dryer... just hand wash to the desired shrinkage... and air dry...
if you have wood sock can use shape and dry the socks...

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Hand wash, definitely. You could very easily go too far, otherwise. My Sock Wars assassin decided to fudge and use worsted weight without checking adequately for gauge, so I'm in the same boat. Their teal and fuchsia color scheme guarantees I won't be wearing them as anything other than slipper socks, though, so until I get around to washing them, I've just been slipping them over another pair or two. At least they're not superwash and should felt down a bit.

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I had a similar situation with a sweater. It was TOO huge. Wet it very well and threw it into a medium heat dryer and pulled it out every 3 or 4 minutes until I liked the size then blocked it out to dry. It saved the sweater!

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Thanks for the advice. I actually just found sizing recommendations for a wool hat, that says exactly what we though: Wash by hand, and felt-shrink to fit in the dryer, taking it out ever few minutes to check the size. Neither sock is knit in superwash, so it should be good.

Wouldn't felting remove entirely, if not significantly reduce the degree of elasticity? Just make sure you can still slip them on!


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You are correct, it will to some extent, remove elasticity. That is why one takes them out of the dryer every few minutes to check for fit. I can always sew in elastic or knit an additional rib cuff along the top if it needs more elsaticity in the ankle.