Celtic cable hat pattern?

I'm looking for a Celtic cable hat pattern...(happy to pay for it)
...I've seen some that have segments with a vertical complicated cable like the enclosed pic... not necesarily a horizontal band of cable...
...does anyone have a link to a source???

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Hey Bill,
Here one...cable doesn't look as complicated, though.
Cable isn't super complicated. Pattern is $3.00 to download and includes three variations for the hem.

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Thanks, John..
that's exactly what I wanted... I can adapt some additional cabling from there...
i've ordered it...

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I just sent it to you, Bill. Sorry, I'm dumb. *sigh*

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Bill, here is a link to a pattern I bought and have made two out of the three so far https://secure.addllc.com/BWAY/html/products_frame_page.html
they may be what you are after.

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thank you!. . . . . . . .
...that's not what I wanted...but LOVE them...I'll have to order those...