We buy the yarn one year; finish the project years later

Back in March 2001, while on a business trip to England, I purchased enough Blue Face Leicester yarn (color Sienna, Aran weight) to make a sweater.  Found this store in York (a city that is a delight to visit) at the top of the Shambles.  During that year I played around with swatches but not making a firm decision on how to proceed with it.   

Finally, in autumn 2004 I began knitting the sweater designing an exaggerated rib of K4P2.  (4 stitches = 1 inch on size 8 needles)Completed the front and back and joined them using the three needle bind off concept.  Picked up the neck on 16" circulars and size 6.  Decided on a turtleneck using the Elizabeth Zimmermann suggestion of knitting the neck until I was sick of it.  About 4 1/2 inches in to is did not like the way the neck was looking, so I put it down and worked on other projects.  Three weeks ago, I picked it back up, ribbed the neck out and restarted it.  Wanted a turtleneck that would have a bit of a roll to it and a compliment of the rib motif.  I just kept purling (so that when it would roll, the stockinette side would show) and put the opposite of the ribbing at the front center stitches.  Made it 6 inches long and then bound off.  Quickly did both sleeves (they come out even) for this drop shoulder design and sewed it all up.  Even got a few days of wear out of it over the chilly weekend.  The fiber is very soft and warm and I am pleased with this undertaking, particularly the neck line , which I am often critical of on my sweater projects. 

I have an unfinished vest to sew together and then work on the armhole edgings.  Perhaps I will tackle that in 2005 before starting another ambitious project.  I knit plenty of scarves, socks and hats which are easy to allow the large stuff to get pushed aside.  Anyone else have that same problem?


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I'm sure everyone would love to see pictures if you've got 'em. It sounds lovely!

There are 4 pairs of mittenettes that have needed thumb gussets for nearly 3 months which would probably take, in total, an hour. I've finished about 8 hats in the meantime. I really like repetetive knitting where I can get "in the zone" and just count stitches and knit super fast and tune out everything around me. I can't do that with thumb gussets!