Can't wait to really leaern this

I literally picked up my knitting needles for the first time last night... I had signed up for a beginner's class, had to reschedule, and the rescheduled class was cancelled (I was never on the list, so they didn't have enough people). Out of sheer frustration, I went to the bookstore & picked up knitting for idiots. I also visited several websites & found some great little video clips that have at least gotten me started. I've knitted a few rows, unraveled, and started again several times. This is fun, and I can't wait until I stop screwing up!

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I can't believe I had a typo... and I'm a professional writer!

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The book I have, "Knitting for Idiots" (seems fitting sometimes), and the videos leave a coupl eof questions unanswered... First, what should I do with the tail end of yarn after I cast on? Also, when I finish a row, I end up with a loose loop that I pull across the needle with the yarn, is this correct?