Knitting Wiki?

First off, for those of you who don't know what a wiki is, start off here, and then keep in mind that that site you're reading? It's probably one of the most successful wiki's around. In short, a wiki is a website that's open and editable by anyone (or, at minimum, any member) of the website. Think of it as a giant group blog.

Anyway, in short, what I'm looking for is a wiki that could active as a living repository of all things knitting: Techniques, tips and tricks, stitch patterns, information about materials, different knitting styles, etc, etc. Basically, a free, live, open knitting book that could be edited and contributed to by any member of the site, where we could all deposit the various knitting tidbits we've collected.

And, before anyone asks, yes, this is different from a site like this. This website is really more oriented about general discussion, community events, etc, and doesn't really have it's focus as a knowledge repository. I see a knitting wiki as complimentary to what we have here.

So, does such a thing exist? And if not, would people participate in one of it did? Because, if there is interest, I would be more than happy to create and host such a wiki, assuming we could get the word out and get some real participation going (after all, a wiki is only as good as it's contributors).


Oh, and for another example of a highly successful wiki, see Sensei's Library, a wiki for all things Go (a 3700-year-old strategy game).

Actually, I've installed Oddmuse on my server and have been playing around with it. So far it seems quite nice, and is fairly extensible (so I could probably write a Perl module to make it easy to define stitch patterns and other things and have them render graphically). You can get a *very* preliminary look at what I have in mind at KnitWiki. This is after a day of seeding the wiki. Again, this is very preliminary!

As for Go, I like to say I play it. I've got a cheap Korean board and some glass stones which don't get used much, as opponents are hard to find, and end up spending my time playing out pro games and being beaten by GNU Go. ;)