Knitting Bags and Tool Kits

To celebrate my 55th on Monday, I purchased a new knitting bag. I needed a second one which was large enough to accomodate a jumper once I'd attached the sleeves and am working the upper body. I saw this and it keep calling to me to buy it. It is sort-of retro looking in green and gold. It measures 14" wide x 11" tall x 4.5" deep. It's made of a vinyl fabric which has the look and feel of a soft and supple leather. It has a zip across the top and is lined so it's waterproof.

The second picture is of my tool kit. It is a thinly quilted fabric three-fold with 5 zipped pockets. Unfolded and flat it measures 10" x 15" and fits perfectly in any knitting bag. I have handy any and all my needed tools.

I'm hoping that others will do likewise and post photos of their knitting bags and tool kits.

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Looks awesome. I definitely need something better. I have a knitting bag that kinda collapses on the sides when you pick it up by the handles and then can open out when you set it down. Its ok, but I havee too much loose stuff in it. Some of the girls at my local yarnstore have things liks CD holders that they keep all their circulars and hooks and needles in. Each little pocket/flap has a differenct needles all orgainzed by sizes etc.. I need to get one of those. All my circulars and just looser wound up all over th eplace in the bottom of my bag and all my double points are the same, all dumped in teh bottom. I believe they've tried several and come up with their favorite design and are putting the yarn stores logo on teh front. If so, I will get one of those and then post a picture of it closed and opened up.

I have seen teh most amazing pattern for a tote that someday I will knit. I first have to learn how to fair isle, but its southwest looking with kachinas on teh front. An amazing looking bag.



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Are you ever organized. Every thing I need to knit is in a tupperware container and it travels with me. I have to root through it whenever I need a needle or pin or whatever. Both look like excellent ideas.

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That tool kit looks great. I'm going to have to find something like that for my stuff.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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neat tool kit! I just use plastic sandwich baggies. I thought I was getting spiffy when I started using the "slide lock" style!

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