Rhinebeck Fiber search...?

I am finishing a priject with a fabulous yarn i spun from Rhinebeck. However, i ran out. a knitters nightmare. i know. im sad. but i want to purchase more fiber. I remember seeing someone on here with a picture of something they bought at Rhinebeck. It was the exact same fiber i bought. 1 lb of 50/50 mohair/wool purple and green mixture for 34$. Does this sound familiar to anyone? If so do you have the info on who it was??? Im still trying to find the name, tag, bag, recepit anything. I even went as far to check my bank statment. Nothing. I am so sad. please help if you can....thanks:)


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I don't know if it'll help, but I do know that Friends' Folly Farm specializes in mohair/wool blends. I don't know what other vendors might have had that blend, though. Do you perhaps remember which barn you bought it in? FFF was in barn 39 in what is basically the furthest stall from everything.

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this sounds quite like the stall i bought the fiber in. lots of great blends, i hope i can get some more. i will be posting some photos of the project soon:) im really excited about it! thanks again for the heads up!