Lana Grossa's Filati Men's #5

Evelyn from Knitty Noddy ( informed me via email yesterday that the Filati Men's #5 pattern book is due in any day now - it has arrived at the distributor and they were getting it in the mail to her. She writes "personally I like the looks of Filati Men #5 better (and it's not just the models, the patterns look better too :-P )." She now has up on her website her collection of men's pattern books at
She writes "Hopefully this will make it easier to locate these issues, don't have to paw through a bunch of girl stuff!"

She really is great to work with, and will look around for something she doesn't stock and is happy to special order.

I have no connections to her business - just a happy customer!

Off to Oklahoma City this weekend (if the airports are still open due to the storm), where I hope to meet up with OKKnitguy and have a tour of Oklahoma City's wild, wooly fiber scene and knit quietly by my parent's fireside and be lavished with homecooked food.

Jonathan in DC


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Have a safe trip. I know what you say about men's patterns and models. One company (Dale?) used to have their patterns FLY OFF THE SHELVES because the men
were these gorgeous Norse Gods, standing shirtless in a snowy woods, a cardigan barely covering their shoulders, or infront of a roaring fireplace,
barely covered by some knit afghan. It seemed to say: Knit this for you sweetie, and he will turn into this blonde sex god... News for you'all: (It doesn't work...

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Count me in as one of Evelyn's happy customers! You're correct to say that she is lovely to work with and very accomodating. I receieved the Filati 5 Men's from her and then placed another order for the bamboo pins which look very nice. Evelyn certainly gives personalised customer service and looks for 100% satisfaction. I hope she will expand the merchandise on her web-store as I'm now a return customer. Thanks for letting me know about her.

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