podcast for knitting

Okay, so I've been checking out teh whole iPodding thing, and I found a podcast for knitting. I'll post a link below. I haven't listened to one yet, but I'm curious... if anyone here downloads it and listens to it, please put up a review.

Here's the link: http://www.knitcast.com/ 


I have seen references to this podcast in many blogs, but never took the time to listen until now.  The episodes are well-produced, and the content is pretty interesting.  She has good guests with interesting things to say.  Check it out, the episodes aren't very long at all -- about 15 minutes at most.

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I finally listened to a couple of them, and I thought they were interesting. I'll listen more. I saw a knitting show on DIY, the do it yourself channel. Too bad the shrub is blocking my satellite dish, but as soon as it's cleared out, I'll watch one. Any resource for tips & teaching, and I'm game!