So if you go to and click the YouTube Videos of the Week link under the picture, you'll see a short clip from today's Good Morning America. It features a clip from a guy who won a dance contest, and part of the trailer for Real Men Knit, including Bill and me!



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Hey Cowboy,

Saw you on GMA this morning. Good job!

ya looked good and let everyone know that men knit too!

The only thing that sucked is they cut you off before you were done talking for a comercial break. Thanks for getting the word out.

- dan -

I want your autograph, and Bill's too! Thanks for posting this. We don't have TV, so I never see GMA. The YouTube rendition sure made the anchors look like a bunch of bafoons though. Tell me again why we don't have TV, I keep forgetting . . .


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sure made the anchors look like a bunch of bafoons

no - they really are buffoons.

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Awesome. Way to go cowboy!


You get:

The T-Shirt
The Cigar
Major Kudos from me!

How Fun!
~Mike in Tampa (Who now remembers WHY he decided years ago to start leaving the house for work at 5:45am . . . there was NOTHING to "Anchor" me in staying!)

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missed it... I was still asleep...
...but I'm delighted the DVD is getting so much publicity!

I wouldn't mind geting a celebrity discount at my local yarn store!!!

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Great job getting the message out there to the world that men knit. How did the network hear about you and the others? Steve


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"Real Men Knit"
Wendy ( the filmaker) got us through this site...and the MondayNightKnit group in San Francisco..
there is a DVD often listed in the lower left of this site...
the clips on GMA were from the documentary...