is there any way you can resize the afghan pictures?
I have to scroll all the articles on this page because the afghan pictures are so large...
I use a Mac & Safari...




Don't do it. This is a perfect example of Knitter's Perdition!


~Mike in Tampa
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Yes, Bill, I've noticed this as well. There are a couple of pics that are simply HUGE and I can't make out what it is... and then there are those teeny tiny little pics that are so small I can't make out what it is. So either way, I don't see them at all!

Not sure there is anything Darryl can do, other than to impose certain size restrictions when anyone posts pics. It would be wonderful if everyone would take it upon themselves to insure that their pics are within the size range that is appropriate for sites like these, but we shall see.

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This is one of a group of sits that Darryl and his partner(s) run... I wish he would maintain it!
Darryl used to be part of our knitting group..(in S.F.)...and active on this site... but his life seems to have changed...
There have been changes to the technical parts of this site...and it doesn't work as well as it did in the beginning...
There never used to be difficulties posting ...

...and even when I write to Darryl personally...it may be weeks before I get an answer...


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The pictures on the red background come up as huge on my screen as well, but the attatchments? Those seem to pull up a normal size.

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i agree it's frustrating, but lets be a little thankful that the site is even here - at least we have a place to post our questions and get support from others -- big pictures are frustrating, but they're only on the main page for at most a day or so - the good news: we all know to scroll to the right or down to find the information we're looking for. I agree, though, that we should all try to keep our photos smaller in size - BUT if someone happens to send a photo the size of Kansas onto the site, it's not the end of the world! :)

My suggestion would be to remove the "random photo" part of the web page - or set some sort of restriction for that image so that when the computer randomly selects images, it keeps the sizes restricted to a certain dimension.

(I love the doggie blanket- and I am kind of glad that the photos were big - mostly because we can see how intricate the panels are!) - great job on this! I'm curious to find out how many "shearings" had to happen to get that much fur!!

hugs to everyone!