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Now that lace knitting is coming into its own, American knitters are discovering a whole new world of lace knitting publications. Many are dismayed to find that some of the most beautiful patterns are written in German, Danish, Italian, Estonian and other non-English languages. Kaethe Kliot and her husband Jules were an important force in preserving many wonderful German patterns for kunststricken ("art knitting") and making them available to English-speaking knitters, and over the years and Lacis has become well known as a source for hard-to-find lace publications, as well as tiny needles and fine yarns and threads, so we at Lacis feel a special connection to this particular art form.

Now we are pleased to offer a wonderful resource for those who want to explore these patterns but have been impeded by the language barrier. The revised version of KNITTING LANGUAGES by Margaret Heathman is just the thing we all need. It gives bilingual lists of knitting and color terms that translate into U.S. English from Danish, British English, Estonian, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish (as well as reverse lists that translate from U.S. English into those languages). In addition, there is a very helpful explanation of the various ways patterns are presented in various countries. Even though there's not a single pattern in it, this is the best addition to my lace knitting basket in a very long time.

Once you have this book, you can dive into the wonderful world of knitting patterns from Burda, Mani di Fata, Muestras y Motivos, and other publications. Lacis publications include 3 volumes of patterns by Christine Duchrow and 2 volumes of KNITTED LACE (KUNSTSTRICKEN) Marie Niedner and others. My current favorites are LAVORI ARTISTICA CALZA 11 (you can see a small sample from that book in the shop, knitted up in our lovely new grey pashmina cashmere 2-ply) and MYM TRICOT HOGAR # 1, but that's only because I haven't had sufficient time to explore the Duchrow volumes yet. If all this sounds enticing, do stop by the shop and explore our lace knitting section. You can also browse our lace knitting book offerings on the web. Either way, the wonderful things you find will definitely make you want your own copy of KNITTING LANGUAGES.
KNITTING LANGUAGES, Margaret Heathman. 12/8/2006
Knitting terms translated into English from most popular languages including Japanese, Icelandic, Norwegian, etc. 132pgs (p) (UN35) $28.00
Lacis Museum

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I have this book and it's all Bill says it is. It definitely has a place in every serious knitter's library.

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