2 Gift scarves

Here are two scarves finished for Christmas gifts. I'm disappointed with the picture of the cable scarf. It is Malabrigo and such wonderful colors which worked so well with the cables. Red one is a soft wool from China. Red scarf took a long weekend start-to-finish--cable took what seemed an eternity. Happy holidays!


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Love those cables!

My knitting is totally tubular!

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Great job on those scarves!

You guys who are fininshing off your Christmas stuff are begining to piss me off. I'm still behind.

Merry Christmas to you too,


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Those two scarves and a chullo cap are all I did. Still have 1/2 of a spiral sock to finish for the only other Christmas knit gift for me this year! Relax. There's still over a week to go. :)

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I'm still trying to finish *last* year's list - so I know how you feel.

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Thank DOG I was knitting spare scarves in the summer or I'd have nothing to send for Christmas (I celebrate Solstice, so I personally don't care...). You're work looks nice... just like the knitter... Cheers!