Opening an online store!!

hi guys! haven't posted anything lately as i've been busy knitting a sweater with Jesse "KIWIKNITTER" he has been supporting me and lending advice!! Will post a picture when finished. I'm just in the research stage of starting up an online wool store servicing the Australian market and was wondering if anyone has any advice Jesse thought that there were a couple of MWK members who had done just that!! Would love to hear from You!! Regards Arron


Hey Arron,
Would you only be shipping within Australia? You know, with all the sheep you have there, other than Jo Sharp, I have never seen any other wool yarn from your wonderful country being sold in the US. Would you be representing some smaller Australian yarn companies?
Good luck to you and let us know.

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Hi Arron,

I'd like to echo what Matthew said - my brother, in the Air Force, bought me some yarn when he was in Australia years ago (what a great older brother, eh?), and I still have the vest I made out of it. WOuld love access to more yarn from down under!

Jonathan in DC

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