intarsia so far

thanks guys for your input - here's the intarsia thing so far -- circles are a nightmare - I think there's going to be 19 pieces of yarn I'll be working with at one point - when I get in the middle... I know it's not impressive yet - I'll show you when it gets closer to being done...

I am also interested in finding out how people think it should be finished - the back of intarsia isn't really pretty (despite my attempt!) - so I think I'll end up making 2 of these scarves (or another scarf in stripes or a different pattrn) and attaching them together - anyone have other ideas?




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wow! I was thinking you had only two colours to deal with - but this is complex!. You're a braver man then I, gunga din!

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Well, yer not gonna like my solution:

When I'm not happy with a project, either because of it not turning out right, may be a bad recipe, lousy instructions or that it just isn't a fun as I was hoping, I do the only sensible thing:

Go to the Frogpond and blow the thing off. Doesn't take me long to find another use for the yarn.

Matter of fact, I did the same thing with the Victorian Lace Shawl that everyone was howling about a few months ago. Mario made it through it but not without losing about every shred of good sense he possessed. I started and ripped at least 5 times, joined a Yahoo group (!) that deals specifically with this pattern (!) and all of a sudden I thought: What the f*$# are you doing? If a project needs a SUPPORT GROUP just to get through it, the fishies are starting to reek in Copenhagen.

Nope. Life is too short for bad wine and bad projects.

But, then again: my chest hair is countable. You have *got* to have more than I do . . .

~Mike in Tampa (who admires your sticktoitivness)

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I think have figured out the "secret" to intarsia: just enlarge the pattern and take it one line at a time. it's really not hard - just slow. (and honestly, I don't think any knitting is REALLY hard - it's just taking life one stitch at a time) - the more complicated it gets (I am finding) the slower it is - and being such a "newbie" - I'm doing my best to learn...

I got lots of chest hair - I'm going to get through this scarf!



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I agree with you on the ripping out Mike. I've adopted the Yarn Harlot's Line of thought that I like yarn better than bad hats, mittens, scarves, and so forth. Rip it out and make something that you do like.

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I think you guys got me all wrong - I LIKE what it's turning out to be.... it's just a complicated process for my first attempt at intarsia - I'm moving forward, and since it's such an interpretive pattern (random circles) it's ok if I am off a stitch or two - I am not pleased with the way the back looks on the piece, so I'm going to knit a second scarf and attach them back to back - the second one will probably be stripes or something - I haven't figured it out yet... my guess is, going as slow as this will, and realizing this morning that I need to get hopping on my partner's sweater that will need to be done by Feb., I will have plenty of time to come up with a solution to the back of this piece.

I DO appreciate everyone's input though - every comment is helpful in its own way - I think we all take to heart the contributions of each individual in our little group here -

hugs and kisses to all of you - try to stay warm! -