3 Legged santa

Just finished and delivered the third of the Christmas stockings... just made the deadline. I was getting ready to deliver the last one and realized that I had duplicate stitched "Jenie" instead of "Jennie" across the top of the sock. WHAT a nightmare. Anyway...3 1945 Vintage stockings done for a very appreciative family. Those who asked for the pattern, please send me a message to my inbox with your address. I did make some copies.


How fun. Those are wonderful. They remind me of the socks my mom made for all of us when we were little. Matter of fact, I still have mine along with my first tedddy bear.

Brings back lots of very warm, fuzzy memories, thanks to my favorite Mason.
~Mike in Tampa (where storms will be moving in later this afternoon, lasting ALL weekend AND Christmas day. HUMBUG!)

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