Third scarf & a question for experienced knitters

I'm now working on my third scarf. I've been getting smaller with my needles and yarn, but I think I may have bit off more than I can chew, at least comfortably. While I'm waiting to go to Oregon and buy the black yarn for my military friend (I'm thinking hemp... comments?), I'm doing a 100% alpaca yarn, sport weight, using size 5 needles & doing a "pill stitch," k1p1. This is a challenge! But I'm enjoying it. Right now, I'm about three or four rows in, and it looks gorgeous.

I do have a stupid question for people, tho. As I knit, the yarn coming off the skein gets twisted. Is this normal, and is it okay if I spin the scarf to untangle that yarn? Also, should I be concerned with the frayed appearance of the yarn? It's not nice & smooth. (Of course this is alpaca, so I think I just answered that last question.)


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I'm not sure I understand... Are you pulling your yarn from the center of the skein and the yarn is simply getting a little tighter, sort of like what would happen if you held a piece of yarn in two hands and twisted each end in the opposite direction? If that's the case, I wouldn't worry about it...

If you're pulling your yarn from the outside of the skein and it's starting to flip-flop around, I'd just rig something akin to a vertical paper-towel holder to keep the skein in place. And start pulling from the center!

More generally, I don't think moving your work around is a good strategy because as it becomes larger, it seems like it'd be more cumbersome to move the work rather than the skein.