felted hats and assorted others

So I just finished felting a belt, the sturdy belt pattern from "Knitting with balls" I just got it recently and this is the first thing i tried. I havent finished the belt but Im already amazed with the effect of felting. Is there a way to modify an exisitng non felted pattern, such as the london beanie pattern floating around the web to a felted pattern? or do I just make it very large and hope for the best when felting? Any tips greatly appreciated!

I wish everyone a happy holiday season, a fun filled new year, and a remember, better a warm knitwit than a cold nitwit!

- Dan

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If you want a want to knit a larger item using an ordinary pattern, you should make it 30-40% larger using a wool yarn (not superwash)and then felt it in 40-60 degrees C (I don't know what it is in F)in a washing machine. Make a swatch and a test first.

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A good part of any felting project is hoping for the best. My suggestion for a felted London Beanie is to knit it using a double strand of Worsted Weight wool (you knit holding 2 strands of the same wool at the same time) and knit on larger sized needles, such as US 13. I've used Paton's Classic Wool, which felts beautifully.

Felt it in the washing machine on hot water setting, using the smallest load size your machine allows. I put my felted items in a zippered pillow case to catch any glops of fuzz. I also toss in a couple of bath towels to give added agitation. Let it agitate for 10 mins, then check it to see if you still have stitch definition or a nice tight fabric. Gentle squeeze out the water so you can try it on for fit too.

I let my felted piece run through the rinse and spin cycles before setting the mout to dry. You will need to put that hat on something to keep the shape while it drys; a ball, bowl, wig head. What ever you have.

I've knit several London Beanies, I may have to try one felted to see how it comes out.

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Remember that you control the felting. You will make the item larger, and looser, than normal. You should have an idea as to how much shrinkage you will get with that yarn -- plan accordingly. Then watch carefully how it felts, and you can stop it at any point that you are happy with the results. Remember also that it is not reversible!

And if it's too small.... well, someone will fit it, and then you can just make another one, but with more attention this time!