The Not-So-Fun Fun Fur Project

When I found out Granny would be coming with the in laws for the holidays, I decided it was time to knit her something. This would be Christmas #2 without Granddad, and the Best Beloved and I wanted it to be special. Granny is a bit of a hoot - not the traditional grandma, she was always more comfortable dealing cards than baking cookies. Upon getting her first hearing aids, she remarked, loudly and in a crowd, that she had no idea it made so much noise when she pee-ed.

I decided that Fun Fur stole would be just the thing (the "Chinchilla Stole" on the Lion Yarn website). This was before I had ever knitted with Fun Fur.

Now, I have been knitting for 20 years or so. I spin most of my own yarn. I long ago memorized Elizabeth Zimmerman's percentage system and have given up on patterns. I am as comfortable knitting with the right hand as with the left hand. I am not a great knitter, but I am as comfortable with yarn and needles as I ever expect to get - but I met my match with Fun Fur!!!

The first challenge was dropping a stitch. Generally, not much of a challenge, but between the lashes of this eye lash yarn and the slipperyness of the polyester - I ended up having to rip the whole thing out and start over 1/3 of the way through.

Next, I became so paranoid about dropping another stitch that I began to knit anything that even resembled a stitch - and with Fun Fur, there is A LOT that resembles a stitch! I finally had to resort to counting each row. I did get up to 28 stitches once, instead of the 25 I had originally cast on, but one good thing about the yarn is that it is forgiving, and you really can't tell.

The next challenge was sewing it together. I like neat, hidden seams, but I finally gave up on that and just whip stitched the three pieces together, cursing the fact that I still haven't gotten around to having my eyes checked. Those lashes neatly hide anything resembling an edge.

The very final challenge, apparently, is trying to get this blog posted with the picture! We'll see if I can do it this third try.

But - satisfaction in the end. Granny LOVED it, and I loved seeing her in it. She sat in our living room wearing it, humming along to XM Radio's Music from the 40's channel. Very satisfying indeed.

When I asked to pose for a picture to post on this website, she wanted to know whether or not she should look snooty or nice. I suggested nice, so she smiled big and said "This is for all your men who knit!"


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My affair with eyelash yarn lasted about 1 hour. We just could not come to satisfactory working relationship. It went into the rubbish skip and I went back to wool.

I can't load the photo! I'm keen to see the finished project (congratulations on even finishing something in eyelash yarn) and I want to see Granny!

My knitting is totally tubular!

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly

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I "love" eyelash yarns...but I always combine them with another yarn...mostly wool...
when I knit's usually with a combination of about five yarns...on #15 or #19 needles...

can't wait to see a picture of Granny!!!

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I too have had troubles with eyelash. The only way I got it to even half way work was in combo with another yarn like cascade or Noro. It still gave me a migraine. I dont' think I'll mess with it again. I admire your perseverence! ?spelling? :-)

RK in OK

You'll be cheered to know how I came to adopt the moniker: stickywarp.

It was a result of my getting reacquainted with weaving when my DH's co-worker offered me her best friend's loom. She was looking to upgrade to a bazillion shaft Glimakra countermarsch loom from an 4 shaft, 24" Macomber Jack loom.

Well, my first 'fabric' project I decided had to have a DRY SPUN linen warp with an angora/cashmere weft. (Can you guess where this story is going . . .?????)

After about 4 shots of the shuttle I had a tangled mess of fuzz at the fell of the cloth and God knows what at the reed. In the trade this is called a 'stickywarp' and best recommendation is: rip the bast**d out, which, of course, is exactly what I did; all 454 ends of it. ahem.

So, we learn so much from but ONE mistake. So much so, I adopted the subject as my alias.

~Mike in Tampa (who hopes you all are Stickywarp/stickyyarn free in 2007!)
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