Never Knit Your Man A Sweater...

(unless you've got the ring first)

I picked this book up this morning at Border's. Though not necessarily geared towards the male knitter, the projects are certainly created with the male recipient in mind. What appealed to me most (aside from being a book full of stuff for us guys) is that the prerequisite knitting instructions which seem to take up the first 25% of most books is absent. This one apparently assumes you've got all that stuff down already and jumps right into the patterns. There is a very brief section at the end explaining some of the special techniques used in some of the patterns throughout the book.

The patterns are presented in stages apparently to correspond with the stages of a new relationship with appropriate introductory paragraphs. There are some really great looking simple and quick items as well as more challenging and time consuming projects. The last of which are some really great looking vests and sweaters.

This book also has another great laptop cover pattern. (I saw a few of these while browsing books this morning) So now I need to decide which one to make for the hubby. I really like the one in Knitting With Balls, but it's all going to depend on which one I can successfully alter to accommodate the 17" behemoth of a laptop that I bought the hubby for Christmas.

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I just ordered that book on - it is supposed to be at my work by the time I get back there after the vacation - I was pleased to hear a positive review of it - happy and excited to see the book now!