I can't decide

I've decided, that after the afghan fiasco, I need something more fabulous and substantial than socks. I need to do a sweater FOR ME!

SO, I'm trying to pick between making a cardigan out of merino frappe (kind of light and floaty, with a bit of fuzzyiness, like a short hair mohair). (kind of a cranberry-rust heather)

Another side to side pullover in this shockingly murky bronze-merlot to emerald and sapphire space dyed mohair (the fastest to knit, to be sure).

Or, the ultimate, a Carhardt inspired zippered cardigan of 20+ year old orange toned lumpy handspun Donegal tweed combined with a green-copper-cranberry manos del uruguay, and a frosted pumpkin orange worsted mohair...
(This last one should stop traffic with it's beauty and truly be a stunner, but take the longest to do....

What say you guys?


Sweater #3 the ultimate.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste


Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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I say go for the cardigan.

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which one, the first or the third?

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I did a cardigan of charcoal grey Frappe... with cables...LOVE it,...
still have to finish the button band... have about six rows left to knit....

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Oh hey, that's an idea...a huge Celtic cross in the middle of the back. I have Elsbeth Lavold's celtic cables book. I could "Borrow" something from that....

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That's a GREAT book!!!!

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Indeed. I want to design a more elaborate dragon serpent, though...Her's look a little dull. Maybe if they were part of the cable....

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You HAVE to go with the Third more "Fabulous" one.....hello??!!!!??? We always choose "More Fabulous"...always....also, you may already know this, but you'll fly through something that you love that much....others will take more time and effort!

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I just love the way you describe your color choices.... almost poetic :-)

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I'm a poet if you didn't know it....

I just ran out of my Ammonium Sulfate capsules due to the dizzying parade of adjectives marching through that post. (I started to mentally diagram those sentences and lost consciousness.)

~Mike in Tampa (who is sending Grandcarriage's post in to OED as an insipit of Complex Contemporary Prose . . .)

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Go with Door number three!

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Yep. Once again I agree with Mario. #3 is my choice, too. But, ya gotta post the yarn first before you start so we'll know what you started off with.

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I'll borrow a camera and photograph the yarn with the design sketches. It will be a fun project.