Happy New Year - Noro Style

Happy New Year boys (a few hours early) - the festivities are at my house tonight so have to get ready - but wanted to make sure I give each of you a new years hug and wish you the BEST 2007!

I also decided yesterday (long day) - to make the "lizard ridge" blanket out of Noro that is on the knitty.com website - me and one girl from the LYS are going to do it side by side... I'm still working out the wrap and turn deal - hiding that damn loop is becoming a bear - I have yet to grasp that bit... but the rest of it seems to look good... I think I'll felt my practice square just to see what it looks like :)

Yesterday we had to take Florence (the 88yo owner of the LYS) to the hosipital - she has some sort of bad kidney infection I guess.... she didn't want to stay there, but she had to (and finally agreed to be admitted about 6pm; after being in the emergency room since 11am) - her son (in his 60's) drove out from AZ to be with her for a few days - I think she'll be OK - we took her car to her house (she lives alone) and fed her 2 kitties-- I'm sure it will all work out, I can't imagine how upset she was yesterday - stuck at the hospital...but it's scary to be sick and old. Hospitals are icky. send good thoughts her way please.
She's a feisty one... the two of us who took her in took her purse and clothes (she was in a hospital gown by this time) when we left - partly because we couldn't leave valuables, and partly because we figured it would greatly reduce the chances of her leaving the hospital without someone to pick her up if she didn't have a blouse to put on! :)

Anyway, Happy New Year. I'll keep you guys posted on the Lizard Ridge blanket as it actually becomes reality - I'm guessing it'll end up being finished in the summer...



~Furiously running for Mala beads to send a big output of energy her way. You're a gem for being there for her. I'll shoot some energy your way, too.

Blessings your way and hers,
~Mike in Tampa (who can't wait for Ribs and Fixin's tonight, topped off with fine old brandy and aromatic Dominican Cohibas. Woo Hoo!)

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Let's see. Lighting candles... check.
arranging balls of yarn in pentagrams and other mystical symbols, check.
hanging rosemary and lavender all over the house. check.
sending out mystical prayers of healing with each rotation of the the spinning wheel. Check.

Help is on the way,

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All I can say is that you are a saint. You've done more for that woman that I think anyone else on the planet would do. I"m so impressed by your genuine love for your fellow human. As far as I"m concerned you are the patron saint of men's knitting. We should make medallions in your image. I'll keep her and you in all my prayers. xoxo
Robert in OK

You are a most excellent friend - our thoughts are with you.