Knitting in Seattle

I'll be in Seattle at the end of the month for business and I'm planning to head up a day or two early to hit the yarn stores (Weaving Works is my all-time favorite) and just hang out. I LOVE Seattle.

Do any of you have recommendations for cheap accomodations? Cool places to hang out and knit (Top Pot, maybe?). Good eats? Anyone up for a Sunday yarn crawl?


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I have lived in the Queen Anne area of Seattle for some time and really like it. Its right next to the Seattle Center (opera, fountain, Sonics, theater, etc). Too bad you aren't going to be in Seattle during the summer. I would think sitting out in the sun by the big water fountain would be nice. I have just started knitting so I can't really speak to good places to go knit. I have walked past the TopPot place a couple times, but have never gone in there. I would guess you could choose one of a few hundred coffee shops to knit in. Some of them have nice big comfortable chairs and/or couches.

The new Seattle Art Museums outdoor/indoor sculpture park is opening Jan 20th. I will be checking that out. If it is nice weather I bet it would be a great place to knit. Lots of grass, trees and a view of Puget Sound:

It is walking distance from Queen Anne or Belltown.


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John, it's good to see your smiling face back up here. It seems as though I haven't talked to you in ages. I hope you had a nice Christmas and you go have a ball in Seattle. Tear the place up.


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Here are some sites that will help you locate some shops in your area of Seattle:

If you can swing it, you MUST somehow get out to Snoqualmie Falls for Sunday Brunch. It is THE most wonderful place - With all the rain that the area has gotten lately, the falls will be incredible.

Go here and click on Pictures:

The food is wonderful but you'll have to make reservations ahead of time as it's a very popular spot. $$$

Also, if you have the time, grab a ferry and run over to Bainbridge Island. It's a 30 minute ride over and you'll get a beautiful view of Seattle, "Queen of the Northwest!" I'd move back there in a heartbeat . . .

~Mike in Tampa
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