1st Entrelac

here's the 1st Entrelac i did. It was a learning piece. I issued a lot of explatives! I did find that the intersections layed a bit better if I didn't just pick up half of the stitch. Also, Foliage (forget who it's by... it's in my yarn album at home) was not fun for this project... looks cool, not much fun knitting though. Next time I'll use a more uniform gauged yarn.


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I love it - congrats! - I like this pattern but I'm concerned about the back side of the piece; how does it look? The thought of an unfinished side of a scarf has kept me away from this pattern - I have yet to try entrelac but it's on my list of "wants" to attempt.

Great work - if you can, would you show us a photo of the back side so I can see how it looks?





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yeah, well... there is definatately a right and a wrong side to Entrelac. However, I think if you play around with your decreases, you might find one that lays flatter than others. Also, I was thinking about maybe doing it in garter, rather than stockenette. In my Multi-directional scarves I tend to do SKPs In the Entrelac it called for K2togs. Not sure how interchangeable the decreases are. I might try a test swatch with K2togs, SKPs and SSKs. When I do, I'll post the pics.