Opinions wanted

"Cables Untangled: An Exploration of Cable Knitting "
by Melissa Leapman

anyone own it? Seen it? used it?


I'm looking for a "cable library" and this came up in a search -

any reccomendations?



You're not going to get any more information about cables than from Walker. She's the resource that I hand out for my cable/twisted stitch class. Once you do her "Arachne" pattern there isn't a twisted stitch or cable you can't do. I teach how to do it without a cable needle - I hate those things.

But, here's a rundown on the Leapman title:

Hardcover: 192 pages
Publisher: Potter Craft (October 24, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1400097452
ISBN-13: 978-1400097456
Book Description
Beautiful, intricate, flowing, mysterious, iconic—cable knit sweaters are all that and more. They are classic, stylish wardrobe staples. For many of us, cables are the main reason we were compelled to learn to knit in the first place. But it’s necessary to be an ultra-advanced knitter to even think about knitting cables, right?

Not really. In Cables Untangled, widely published author, knitwear designer, and teacher Melissa Leapman demystifies this perennially popular technique, guiding the reader through the process step by step. Even if you’ve mastered just a few basic knitting techniques, you can turn out beautiful cables too!

A comprehensive resource book for knitters of all levels, Cables Untangled features over twenty cabled projects, from simple household items to clothing, fashion accessories, and gifts for virtually everyone on your list. Every project is beautifully photographed and includes useful detail shots of every piece of cabled fabric.

In addition to the projects, Cables Untangled includes an invaluable Cable Stitch Dictionary, giving you the tools to be a skilled and creative cable-knitter. Extra resources include:

• A guide to using knitting charts and understanding their symbols

• A comprehensive stitch library of both traditional and unusual rib, panel, and allover cable stitches, all clearly photographed and accompanied by easy-to-use charts

• Tips for designing your own projects

Throughout the book, Leapman relies on the techniques she has developed teaching her popular workshops—making the process easy and fun for anyone.

Here’s the book that will bring your knitting to a whole new level, help you impress family and friends with your beautiful creations, and open up a new world of creative opportunities. Without a doubt, Cables Untangled is an indispensable resource in helping you conquer—and enjoy!—cables. It’s the ultimate guide for beginners and seasoned knitters alike.

Cable knitting at its best : over 20 designs and more than 100 cable stitches - from the publisher

AND: The LOC poop on the contents:

Getting Started: Cables Only Look Scary!
Basic Cabling Techniques
Foreign Language Elective 101: Translating Knitting Charts
A Short Grammar Lesson
The Vocabulary List
Comprehensive Glossary of All the Symbols Used in This Book
Designing with Cables
Traditional Patterns
Knitting Techniques
Extra Embellishments
Finishing Techniques
Just Go for It! Simple Projects for Cabling Beginners
1. Simple Hat and Scarf Set
2. Simple Woman¿s Pullover
Cozy Cables to Cuddle Up With: Accents for the Home
1. Perpendicular Squares Afghan
2. Dainty Dust Ruffle
3. Entwined Cables Pillow
4. Traditional Aran-like Afghan
5. Rug with Knit-In Fringe
6. Harvest Tweed Afghan
7. Rug with Faux Tassels
8. Two-Color Pillow
9. Sampler Afghan
Cable Chic: Clothing for Women
1. Tweed Pullover
2. Jacket
3. Poncho
4. Fringed Skirt
5. Cotton Raglan
6. Turtleneck
7. Lime V-Neck
8. Garter Rib Pullover
9. Hoodie
Shower Them with Cables: Gifts for Your Lucky Friends and Family
1. Man¿s Intertwined Cables Pullover
2. His/Hers Reversible Scarf
3. Little Bag with Handles
4. Man¿s Saddle-Shoulder Cardigan
5. Child¿s Crewneck Pullover
6. Man¿s Tweed Pullover
7. Baby Blankie
8. Man¿s Two-Color Zipped Pullover
9. Celtic Shoulder Bag
Cable Stitch Pattern Dictionary
[How to use the Stitch Dictionary ]
Allover Patterns
Yarn Choice and Substitution
Materials Resources

Library of Congress Subject Headings for this publication:

Knitting -- Patterns.

OCLC # 69593952

~Mike (who is sooooo over being at work today . . .)

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So of the 4 (?) walker books which would you say has the most bang for the buck on cables?

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Yeh, but can it play Poughkeepsie Mike?

Good research!

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Just getting ready to hit the road for home. I'll give you the answer in about an hour or so. I have it at home, but I think it's v.2.
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Ok. Here it is:

Look for:
LOC: 75-102725
(ISBN: None) [$15.00]
A second treasury of knitting patterns / Barbara G. Walker.
New York, NY : Charles Scribner's Sons , c1970.
Twist Stitch Patterns: pp. 143-164
Cables: pp. 165-198
Cable-Stitch Patterns: pp. 199-215.

LOC: 98-60474
ISBN: 0942018184
Charted knitting designs : A third treasury of knitting patterns / by Barbara G. Walker
Pittsville, WI : Schoolhouse Press, c1998
Twist Stitch Patterns: pp. 32-58; / The Spider p. 35.
Cables: pp. 59-147. (!)

These titles s/b available online (eBay, Amazon), especially the latter. All four of the series are standard reference works in any library and may or may not be circulating. If your library doesn't have it in their collection, request that the librarian put in a request via InterLibrary Loan using WorldCat or AlleyCat. You may even be able to do it yourself online armed only with your library card number (you DO have a library card, don't you? Of course you do . . . what was I thinking . . . ?) and your library's website.

I'll send the Arachne pattern via email if anyone wants it. It's great fun to do.

~Mike in Tampa (who starts the dome of the accompanying 15th century cap for NIL tonight.)

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*le sigh* library website? does not exist. None of the treasuries in local library and they were unable to get them on inter-library loan. I live in the remote boonies. and local library doesn't hook into the city ones - just the other rural ones. sucks.

sure! send me Arachne...

I'm gonna have to break down and buy the walker books. oh darn!.

MMario - I don't live in the 21st Century - but I sometimes play a character who does.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation