Going in Circles!

I keep hearing about people tackling sweaters by knitting them on circular needles. I was wondering if anyone has come across any websites that offer guidance on how the technique works? Any sites with pictures to accompany the written technique would be great as this is a knitter that needs a LOT of help before it eventually sinks in!!!!
Thanks in advance

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Try the videos at KnittingHelp.com (http://www.knittinghelp.com/). There are some instructions for circular knitting under the "Advanced Techniques" tab.

Good luck!

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I don't have websites, but two books come to mind.

Have you read the Elizabeth Zimmerman books? For some, they are quite helpful. However, one of her books is called Knitting Without Tears and a couple of folks I know found it nothing BUT tearful!

There's also a book called The Sweater Workshop by Jaqueline Fee - I know that KiwiKnitter on this list found that to be very helpful when he was learning circular knitting.

Good luck!
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I have both books. Although I prefer to read EZ, found that Jackie's book clarified EZ's percentages method the best for me. She has a page to fill in which I use for each jumper I now knit. Once you've done the basic sweater (raglan) and the sweater with sleeves knitted downwards to the cuff, you've got it and don't need either book any longer. Personally, I don't care for the other sweaters in her book. Jackie has a Yahoo group you might want to join. She gives advise and assistance on-line which can be very helpful.

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I have to recommend EZ as well. In one of the first videos in her series, she has you knit a hat in the round. Very simple! I would suggest you do that first, just to get the feel of working with double-point or circular needles. Once you do that, there is nothing much more to learn!

Jaqueline Fee's book is highly recommended to add to your library as well. There are a lot of useful tricks to make all of your sweaters easier to do.

Remember: you can only work with two sticks at a time, and one stitch at a time. It really doesn't matter how many needles you have on the rest of the knitting -- you can only focus on those two points and the next stitch to be worked. And you already know how to do that, so what more is there to learn?

Just go for it!!