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My mum is making a blanket with patches. She is doing 19 stitches across each time. Would it be easier to do a different number and how can I make it equal when I am doing it. I've just started myself and her patches are not exactly same size by width and length but I would like mine to be more square type when I am doing them. :) Thanks...


Well, Zarrion:

Good for you for picking up the craft. What a wonderful thing for you to do FOR YOUR SELF! You'll have it for the rest of your life.

Now, on to Mum's project. You'll have to see what size needles she's using, what size yarn she's using. Then, after you do that, you'll need to do a swatch. I know! Yuck, yuck, yuck. But, if you want to mimic her work you'll just have to. So, do a swatch and discover what her tension/gauge is and match it.

After you have that, you're all set.

Welcome to MWK. I think you *may* be the youngest guy on here. Great to have you join us.

Mike in Tampa (who loves seeing the young getting involved at a very early age in this craft, or any other craft for that matter.)
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What kind of stitch are you doing? If you are doing garter stitch, the number of rows is equal to the doubled number of cast on stitches. For example: if you knit one patch with 20 stitches then 40 rows knit on those same stitches will give you a nice square patch. Try a swatch and see!