Three projects down, many more to go

I finished the black scarf for my soon-to-be-deployed friend, and I want to get it in the mail right away. But it occurs to me that I probably want to wash it & get it to soften up a bit. How to do this? I've heard several different things to use as far as soap goes: dishwashing liquid, "top of the lamb" (or something like that) wool soap, vinegar... Could someone out there give me a bit of advice on how to wash these items? I know I shouldn't toss it in the machine, agitate it too much, wring it, twist it, etc. But what do I use as far as soap? Also, how do I keep wool from shrinking, or is that something that happens in the dryer?


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Read this article from the gals at Fuzzy Galore.  We love them.  And they aren't afraid of hot water.

You don't really want to "wash" your scarf.  It can't be that dirty.  But yes, a nice warm soak will do it good.  After you read the article above on washing, and commit it to memory, I'll add my two cents...

With scarves, after I soak them, I like to squeeze the water out of them.  I don't wring them or go crazy.  I just gather them up and sort of squish them to get the water out instead of letting them drain in a colander or some such thing.  Then I go on to the process of rolling them in a towel.  So I'm actually fulling them ever so slightly, which I like.  It fluffs them up a bit.  It's nice.  Just don't go nuts!  Less is more.

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I don't know much about wool at this point, but I have successfully used a lingerie bag to wash my acrylic and cotton sweaters and it worked really well.  The bag prevents the sweater from being whipped around by the agitator and protects the garment from rubbing against other clothes.  Of course, I'm no authority, so please take my anecdote with a grain of salt.  Good luck!

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We all have our bag of tricks on how we take care of a finished project.  When completed, and thinking that my project is dirty from the yarn rolling around on any floor I happen to have been around, I usually hand wash.  Sometimes I use Eucalan, othertimes a conditioner or even clear Ivory liquid.  I let the piece soak in cold or mild water. 

Then when I am ready to let it dry, I press the water out (no wringing), and I lay flat on a towel.  When it is still slightly damp, I take the iron and steam the project, careful not to let the iron touch it.  Flattening the stitches out.