Hello Gents...

I'm thinking about knitting a dog sweater for a charity auction here in Tulsa. Its for the Pet Assistance Welfare Society and my LYS is donating a gift certificate with it if I do. Do you guys know of a good resource for patterns? I thought I would even check online..but don't know where to look! Just thought I would put it out there!

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There are several dog pattern bookw in the new Knitpicks catalog...
check their web site...

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I just picked up the following book last week: "Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them".........in addition to several dog patterns there are some good male designs as well! The patterns provide a wide variety of difficulty and style.

There are several books that I have seen with just dog patterns..........Knit Picks, and your local yarn shops as well.

What a great idea for a charity........it would be a good diversion from the preemie hats that I've been making for local hospitals!


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what a fantastic idea - I have a few random books that talk about animal sweaters - I have only done one, and I think I just pulled it off of the internet - but I improvised it to fit my kitty - I do have the men who knit and the dogs who love them book - there are some cute sweaters in there -

if you have info on the charity, would you post it (or email it to me)? - I'd be up for making a sweater for them too.




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I saw a book in my local Barnes & Noble called, Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them, or something similar. There were several patterns in there.



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There are several books on Amazon:

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I think the lion dog sweater is a hoot. You may want to look at that pattern. It would definitely get attention. And I think it would be a hit at a charity auction. It's a free pattern on the Lion Brand Yarn site. You may have to register with the site first before you can have access to the free patterns.

King of the Beasts (Lion) Dog Sweater

Lion Brand Yarn

I thought about knitting it for my greyhound for next Halloween!

The Lion Brand site also has other dog sweater patterns. Just do search in the Free Pattern section.