Socks from knitting with balls

I have been working a pattern from Michael del Vecchio's "Knitting With Balls" and have come up against a roadblock. The pattern is for Hiking Boot Socks, found on pages 66-69. I have gotten to the heel turn, yes I know that it is the most difficult part of a sock, but the stitch instructions do not add up. The stitches that are to be knit together do not fall on the gaps, the marker is not in the proper place to be slipped when told to do so... I brought the instructions in to my local
yarn/knitting store but we were still unable to perform the stitches called for in the pattern.

This is what it says to do...

Row1: K9 sl marker K2tog K1 turn
Row2: P2 sl marker P2tog P1 turn
Row3: K2 sl marker K2tog (knitting one stitch from either side of the gap together)
Row4: P4 sl marker P2tog (purling one stitch from either side of the gap) P1 turn
Repeat rows 3 and 4, continuing to K2tog or P2tog one stitch from either side of the gap and working one more stitch then turning the work, until 1 st remains beyond the gap on either side. Work the final rows as follows:
Row1: Knit to 1 before gap and K2tog turn.
Row2: Purl to 1 before gap and P2tog (8 sts rem)

Like I said, the gaps do not line up. The pattern says knit 2 stitches together one from either side of the gap, but the gap is 1 or 2 stitches away. Or it say to slip P4 and sl marker, but you just slipped the marker 2 stitches earlier before and turned so it's only 2 stitches away. Does anyone have any idea what i might be doing wrong?


Jeremy H.


Well, Jeremy:

This is a perfect example of why I preach chapter and Verse of knitting socks using the Percentage-based pattern method.

There are a bazillion recipes out there for turning the heel of socks. Most of them are fine if you are a little old lady who's been making socks forever. Once done a turned heel, you're a veteran. BUT: a lot of it is preference. Square heel; Dutch heel; French heel; Round heel; German heel; etc.

I'd like to recommend to you to blow off whatever recipe you're using and learn the percentage based heel. It's the simplest and easiest of all and it ALWAYS works.

See previous entries of my blog on this site for instructions. Once learned, you will never need to drag around a pattern again for socks. I Promise.

~Mike in Tampa
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row 3 is missing the final k1 before the turn.

also the marker is the center - the way they wrote thir instructions it does more to confuse you then anything else.

Your're not doing anything wrong - just do what it means, not what it says.

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Hey ... What are your opinions on the book as a whole? I was thinking about getting it ...

I too had issues with these instructions. After reading the input here I still had issues. So I took it to my LYS and got some help there. She had issues with it as well. We figured out an alternative to try, which I did. It turned out ok but the heel was kind of bunched. On sock #2 I tried something different, interpolating off some other sock patters and guessing. This may not be what the designer had in mind, but it did make for a very clean, smooth heel. The following assumes the marker is in the middle of the 16 stitches.

Row #1 Knit 8, sl marker, K1, K2tog, K1 turn
Row #2 Purl 3, sl marker, P1, P2tog, P1 turn
Row #3 Knit 3, sl marker, K1, K2tog, K1 turn
Row #4 Purl 3, sl marker, P1, P2tog, P1 turn

Repeat 3 and 4 til you have 8 stitches (should be after doing a row 4. I then knit a row, purled a row, knit one more row then started pickup up stitches per the remaining instructions. Like I said, turned out to be a pretty nice heel.