I'm A Pinhead - Help

Obviously my head is much smaller than I thought. I knit up a half-dome this week, and it just a smidge to big. I'd love to shrink it down just a bit but I don't want to felt it or have it end being baby size. Does anyone have any suggestions for just a wee bit of shrinkage. And don't say take a cold shower!



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Easypeasy: I've done this loads of times:

Get it wet.
wring out.
Toss it in a hot dryer with jeans, or tennis balls etc...something to agitate it, for 3-5 minute increments: Try on hat every 3-5 and when it fits the way you like it, you're done. Very simple, very easy.

Works best with 100% wool, but I've successfully done it with blends and YES superwash.

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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Duh! Why didn't I think of that. Thanks, I knew I could depend upon you guys.