Back from Maine

Had a great time teaching my sideways scarf workshop in Maine to members of the Maine Spinning Registry.  The group used fiber that they had spun themselves.  Have taught this workshop a few times and this group of knitters was on target filled with the willingness of the creative process.  Experimenting with color, texture and willing to frog it if it wasn't feeling right.  I had brought plenty of samples to show them the many possibilites. 

Sugarloaf is a great place to wander around, go swimming and hiking as needed to take a break.  And, of course, plenty of knitting and drinking coffee, strong coffee. 

The travel to Boston and back to Philadelphia on Amtrak gave me the time to finish a bottom up sweater in the round, raglan shaping.  Finished blocking it when I got home.  Cotton/wool/silk blend in a colorway called Sea Spray (love how they come up with these names).  It is what I love best about train travel - sitting down with a book, a newpaper, some coffee and knitting.  There is a story that when Joan Crawford travelled by train to a location shoot, she brought 8 steamer trunks, 57 pieces of lugguage, 12 hat boxes (when women wore hats), 72 cases of whiskey and 2 knitting bags.  I would always focus on the knitting bags wondering how many projects were in them.

Finished a scarf for submission to the Mens online issue.  After completing it, even came up with a few alternatives to the grafting element - which is not my favorite thing to do, but provisional cast on should eliminate that.

Any other knitters out there getting submissions ready besides technocowboy?  Let us know.