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I was told to start a new skein by pulling the end out of the middle instead of starting with the end on the outside. I have found it damn near impossible to find the inside end without destroying the skein and then having to re-roll it. The ladies at the LYS just reach in and pull it out without any hesitation. Does anyone have any suggestions to easily locate the inside end?

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This is a difficult one! Sometimes, you just reach in, find the end, and it's perfect! And others -- no matter what you do, you will always end up with knots. As someone has said, you have to pull out the guts of the ball, and it's just not worth all the bother.

You don't HAVE to start from the centre. In fact, you may start by taking the yarn from the wrong end of the ball! You can add or remove twist by using the wrong end. The simpler way is to take if off the outside, BUT you must put it on a holder so that the ball will rotate as you use the yarn. You could use a Lazy Kate, or put a needle through the sides of a cardboard box, going through the centre of the ball.

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That's waaaay to complicated!!!
...just start using the yarn on the outside... your knitting will be fine.
It's often difficult to find the inner usually get a tangle of yarn...
sometimes I untangle it...sometimes I break it off...
...depends on the cost of the yarn...

lol... I think that it's very rare to actually find the loose end from inside the ball of yarn no matter how little or how much it costs. My method is just to pull some of the guts out and deal with the extra by winding around the outside. It's generally not all THAT much to deal with. That way I only have to deal with a small amount of "unwinding" and then I can pull from the middle.

In any event, I doubt it matters which end you start working with. It all works out.

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I'm lazy, I just have the ladies at the LYS rewind it on a center-pull yarn-winder. (which I might purchase for myself when birthday time comes around. (Only about 35 bucks).

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Life is WONDERFUL when the inside end is sticking out of the skein. If not, forget it, don't try to find it. It just gets really ugly. Start from the outside and deal with skein rolling all over the place!

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I just hand roll each skein into a ball. Trying to pull an end out from the inside or having the skein flop all around while I'm knitting makes me nuts. I just make a ball and then put the ball of yarn into a mixing bowl on the floor near me. Keeps the ball under control and me sane. If I'm using two or three strands at the same time, I just have each ball of yarn in its own mixing bowl. (I have a lot of mixing bowls!!!)

- Tom

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I'm workin right now...with a slippery rayon/nylon ribbon keeps wanting to I have it in a baggie...with the yarn feeding from a cut off corner...

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This is a great idea. Fortunately, the skeins I've had to roll were fairly small. I may just put the skein in a baggie and use the outside.

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I like this idea. I'm going to be attempting 2-stranded knitting on my next project, and this seems like a good way to keep things under control if I cut off two corners of the bag.

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Thanks for the mixing bowl idea. I just happen to have a set of copper bowls that have rounded bottoms so they're not really suitable as mixing bowls and I didn't know what to use them for. Now, my copper bowls have found a new life as yarn containers!

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Maybe it's just me, but I've always felt it best to use that center pull ball as a center pull ball. I think the trap everyone falls into is reaching in and expecting to find that single end and magically pull it out. Like that can happen.

What I do is stick my thumb and forefinger into the center of the ball. Work your fingers into the center and feel for a clump of yarn in the center, then pull that out. Most times I will get a small wad of wool (or whatever) which will unravel to a couple of yards of yarn, which I would pull out to cast-on with anyways.

It takes some time to get the hang of it and I'm not saying I don't ever get one that I completely pull the center of the ball out of. But like all things knitterly, you learn it by doing it. If you never try to do it, you will never learn how those people who can are able to.

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If I don't find the end easily on a center pull I just go from the outside -- but "skein vomit" - the wad of yarn that comes out when you pull the center end out - is common - and a fact of life...

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I used to work at a yarn store (DANGER,! STUPID! ....I WAS ALMOST THE HOMELESS KNITTER...ALL MY MONEY GOING TO YARN. WHO NEEDS TO EAT WHEN YOU HAVE YARN? WHO NEEDS A FLAT WHEN YOU CAN KNIT ANYWHERE?) and there were certain yarn manufacturers who were famous for creating wrapped balls of slippery yarn that would immediately fall apart and turn into big bloops of tangled mess on the shelves. We would just immediately rewind the stuff into centerpull balls. That being said. Yarn vomit or no, usually I find it much more trouble free to pull from the center. I find I get more tangles when I pull from the outside and the yarn can flop around. (This isn't applicable to handwrapped balls....the ziplock baggie works great for "Trapping the tribble" as I call it.

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