Men's Issues

Hi boys,
Did you know that the current issue of is all guys stuff? John from The Point has a design in there.
Also the knitting magazine put out by Vogue knit:1 is publishing a men's issue in Novenmber.


It's time for me to take the plunge and post my first comment/reply. I've been knitting for just about 2 years and pretty much ignore knitting magazines, mostly because the projects are mostly female-focused. And if there are any projects for men they are either too advanced or boring. I'm looking forward to the November knit:1 issue and hope that there are some fun projects. Do you know when it will be hitting the stands? I wasn't able to find any information online.

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I know exactly what you mean about the plethora of women's stuff out there. don't get me started! No offence girls but really just look at any department store & consider the floor space available to the ladies.

As for publication date I don't know for sure but the y usually hit the stands here in NY mid month prior to publication. So I'm guessing mid October.

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The Men's Issue of Knit.1 has a scheduled release date of 15 November.  If it's anything like the first 2 issues, it's worth the cover price.  Some good projects - the first issue has a great zippered jacket in orange woolease, and some bad - issue 2 has a southwestern mancho.  Cool to look at but...  'nuff said.

There is a sneak peak of what the Cover of VogueKnitting Knit.1 men's issue on

Can those needles be any more phallic???