Centre pull balls

Does anyone know if centre pull balls of yarn must be started from the centre rather than the outside? The yarn I'm using at present is a centre pull but I started from the easy to find outside end, and the yarn is untwisting as I knit. I have to let go of the yarn after two stitches so it can retwist, makes for slow knitting.


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Yes, they will do that. You started from the wrong side!! Turn the ball over so the other side is up.

The best way to use a ball of yarn is to ROTATE the ball, and not let the yarn come off round and round the ball. What I mean is that the ball must turn, and not the yarn. That is why you are untwisting the yarn. Turning it over will make it add twist... a better compromise??

Take a shoebox, punch holes in either side, with a knitting needle through it (you have an extra needle around, don't you?) with the needle going through the centre of the ball. Or use a Lazy Kate, if you have one. Then the ball will rotate. There!!

I have a yarn winder that produces center-pull balls, but I've found that if I use the yarn from the center it all turns into a tangled mess about 3/4 of the way through. I prefer to use the yarn from the outside, placing the ball in a bowl on the floor next to my chair, which allows it to roll around without rolling across the room.

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Thanks for the ideas, guys, I'll give it a go.