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Hookay, so here it is, the last day of February, and to the best of my count, I have knit only 25 hats and one man's (large) scarf. Even worse, I look at my list of people I wanted to make hats for, and I still have 5 left. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!? I NEED A LONGER MONTH, OR A LEAP YEAR. It's like money...The more you have, the more you spend. Hat's are like money....The more you make, the more people you want to have them...OH WELL.

Has anyone spoken to Kyle? His father passed and we need to send our regards.

PS: Bob loves a sale: I bought $200 worth of Rowan Aran Tweed, Brown Sheep Nature spectrum, and Rowan merino bulky for $73. (and you know I SO needed more yarn.....)


You've just had your "Role Model" card revoked . . .

My hero has a pimple on his butt . . . very sad . . . .

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Hey now.... If I didn't do that scarf I'd have easily met my goal.... I finished two more last night, so the final count is....27 for the month of February (plus a scarf).

Ain't no pimples on my butt,'s smooth and round and as lovely as Henry's attic silkn'satin (Cashmere and silk).

Not tonight honey: I'm knitting...

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28 days- 28 items. sounds like goal met.

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