Chat? Anyone?

I've been lurking here for a few days now. No one ever in chat room. Whats up?


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we do some scheduled - sometimes other people pop in and out; depends on the day.

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But you're right. I go into the chat room often and there is usually no one there. Guess everyone is tired of seeing no one there.

We chat by appointment only! LOL


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I have checked the chat room and found the same, noone there. Whish someone would tell me when a scheduled chat was going to be, I would pop in and chat.
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I always go into the chat room when I come to the site! I can see that there are a few other guys logged on (I can see you guys!!) but they don't come into the chat room! Do I scare you off that easily???

Whenever you get to the site, and when you see that others are logged in, pop into the chat room!! There is a checkbox at the bottom that says "Monitor Activity"... which means you can go about looking at other things, and the window will pop up on the screen as soon as someone comes into the room. So you can keep on surfing, reading the blogs, knitting.... you can still keep an eye on the room too!

And I promise not to log on to the site that often... gives the rest of you a chance to visit without me!!