Organic cotton yarns

Infiknit is a needlework kit and pattern distributor with an inventory of over 1000 patterns created by more than 40 designers from 3 countries: Canada, the United States and Britain.

One cool product they have is EcoKnit Yarn - 100% organic coloured cotton yarn. It’s apparently great for knitting (I haven't tried it myself yet) and great for the environment - the cultivation of cotton is said to account for 24% of world pesticide use.

Here are the yarny details in yarny-speak: 100% certified organic cotton grown in colors, 20 to 22st to 4in on 3.5 to 4.5mm needles. Deliciously soft lustrous yarn in 50g, 100yd skeins. Bagged 10 to a bag for stores. : Here's the link


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Hi John,
I have saved the site until I get to London. Thanks so much for sharing. It looks wonderful and I don't knit enough with cotton. I am leaving Mexico on April 3rd but stopping off to visit friends on the way. Hope we can get together this spring.

Hi Ron, that would be great. Drop me a line at least a few days in advance (email address)


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I keep hoping one of these organic yarn places will put out a line in a lighter weight, a fingering or lacewieght. I don't think I've seen anything smaller then sport.

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