Misconceptions Of The New Male Knitter

This will be my first posting, and I am so excited to begin classes to learn how to knit. Doing a bit of research on the subject within my circle of friend's here in the bay area, I found out people are under many misconceptions on the hobby itself.

1.) "Hey I'm not 60 years old drinking ice tea in
a retirement home somewhere!"

- I have found a huge sub-category of youth and
adults that are serious knitting freaks. I own at least
3 homemade scarves, 2 wool caps and a pair of mittens
made from some good friends in there 20's. Actually
it has become quite the fad in Burning Man circles here
in the bay area. A few trendy and cute knitting shops
have opened up here in SF with a youth oriented setting
and knitting circles available.

2.) "Men who knit are gay!"

- On the contrary! I have friend's who grandfather's have
been knitting since they were poor ass broke in the
depression era! Also, a few of my friend's who normally
appear to be "butch" and "super straight" got into
knitting from girlfriend's or even when they were kids
from granmother's and there mom's. Besides, in this
generation who would be so bold to make such
statement's anyway! Men are more in touch with who
they are and the differences between feminine and
masculinity than ever....the lines are definitley
blurred! I wouldn't run the risk to make such a bold
assumption in fear of getting my ass kicked to be

3.) "Knitting is too hard and need's to much
concentration.....I am too easily distracted!"

- Stoners, couch potatoes and procrastinators there is a
place for you in the knitting world! Actually knitting
is often done while multi-tasking....on the phone,
watching t.v., at picnic's and various functions,
having a serious discussion or in knittig circles etc.
After you settle into your own rhythm and style you
turn on the auto pilot and can eventually knit blind

As a novice, newbie and amateur I know there are MANY different views on this subject and I would love to hear some more opinions on the this!


New video in the works - REAL MEN KNIT!

I am an independent video producer who was originally planning on making an instructional knitting video but decided to get a little more niched and concentrate on two of my favorite subjects: knitting and men. I have knitted forever myself and through the years have known one or two men who knit but now that it's a growing past-time and passion for many more and I am excited about exploring it in my part instructional/part inspiration video.

I'm looking for men of all ages and types who might be convinced to be interviewed for the video. I am putting together a light-hearted segment of stories, opinions, etc. from men who knit so the more variety I can find, the better. I am in central California and plan to travel around the state in the next few months, as well as a trip to Toronto at the end of this month. Unfortunately my budget is not going to allow me to travel the country state by state, but if I find a proliferation of great guys in a particular location, I'll plan accordingly.

I'd appreciate any tips on interesting and entertaining personalities of all ages who might be interested in getting involved. I can't promise I will end up using everything I shoot, but the more the merrier at this point. The DVD will be packaged with some wonderful 100% wool yarn from Philosopher's Wool Company, some circular needles and a pattern for a hat that any beginner can handle. 

Help me convince more men to try it - we all know the world will be a better place when we see some future president knitting as he delivers his state of the union address!

Thanks for your help - and knit on! 

Wendy Eidson, Unconfined Mind Productions, San Luis Obispo, wendy@unconfinedmind.com