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Finally, I am happy to announce an exciting new addition to our web forum. The "Niebling Lace Knitting" page is now available for the discussion of lace knitting, and especially the patterns of the master of lace knitting, Herbert Niebling. His beautiful, intricate designs are regarded by many as the ultimate challenge for lace knitting, and the current renaissance of the art, nurtured by blogs and email lists, has brought them to the attention of a new generation of knitters. Because Niebling's designs are scattered through a number of out-of-print publications, notably Burda's Anna magazine and Coats leaflets, they can be difficult to locate. The difficulty is compounded by the fact that designs are not always attributed to Niebling, and the names of the designs may change from one publication to the next. Here at Lacis we have a special interest in preserving the heritage of lace-making of all sorts. We are presently working on a reprint of two Japanese lace books that feature several Niebling patterns, and our research has inspired us to make our own contribution by creating a catalogue of Niebling's works. To that end, we have created a new page on our forum to facilitate the sharing of information. As this information becomes available I will enter it into a spread sheet, which will be posted on our website. If you'd like to join in this venture, have a peek at the forum and let us know what you think.

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Thanks for the link, Bill, I didn't have that one. I gave my partner some of the Lacis Pashmina cobweb wool for Christmas, it feels so soft.

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I logged into the forum but there really isn't anything there. Only saw one entry. Is it a brand new forum or did I miss something?

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The entire collection of forums (fori?) have a total of 29 posts most of which are from the moderator - so I have to assume the entire forum site is either very new or moribund.

Hopefully I will be proven wrong.

The is a Niebling discussion forum/e-list associated with one of the other knitting lists I "attend". along with an archive of a year or so postings -- most of the "discussion" is attempting to locate specific patterns and/or decipher the meanings of symbols. *grin* but there are a few gems scattered in there.

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