Knitting/Fiber mags?

Hello Knitting Gentlemen,

I'm wondering which knitting or fiber magazines folks like and subscribe to? I finally got around to resubscribing to Interweave's Spin Off (after, oh, a good 10 year hiatus) mostly for the ads and resources.

What are your favorites?

Jonathan in DC

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Back in the early 90s I subscribed to Knitters magazine for a couple of years, but discontinued as there was so few patterns for men. Don't know what it is like now. Most of the women in my knitting group buy Inteweave Knit, a good mag but not much for men.

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I currently subscribe to Spin Off and Wild Fibers, both of which I like alot. I have subscribed to Interweave Knits in the past, but let my subscription lapse because I wasn't satisfied with the magazine. There were few, if any, patterns last year that made me want to buy a copy, although the last issue I picked up was an improvement. I think they have a new editor now, so I'm curious see how the magazine changes and would consider subscribing again.

I also used to like Vogue Knitting in the past because I felt like it was fashion conscious. But when knitting's popularity skyrocketed, most of the magazines, including Vogue, started churning out a lot of crap and new magazines came out that it seemed were devoted exclusively to crap, so I ended up not buying many magazines for the last couple of years.

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Hi Jonathan,

Currently I subscribe to one magazine, Knitters, mostly for the articles, advertisements (good resources for supplies & what's new on the market, etc), and the occasional patterns for men. Though it seems to be oriented more towards women, it is slowly adding content for the guys.
I've purchased other magazines periodically when there is a pattern or article of interest at the local Borders, but, haven't encountered enough of interest to warrant a subscription.

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The only magazines I buy are "Simply Knitting" and "knit1." I feel both magazines have patterns for unusual things that interest me. "Simply Knitting" always has patterns from Alan Dart the toy designer, and its stuff that I know I will make for family and friends.

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I don't subscribe to any, but I publish one online ( I also like reading online. I do buy an occasional magazine - I like Spin Off, and I've heard of Wild Fibers - and that it's good - but have never actually seen an issue.

I have four kids including one under a year old, and I find that a magazine left on the coffee table quickly becomes confetti. :)

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They're not knitting specific, but I really enjoy Fiber Arts and Quilting Arts!