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So I am not actually a guy who knits, but a girl who knits, so I hope I am not intruding. I am hoping you all may be able to help me out with an (apparently!) unusual request: my mother's boyfriend hunts, and I would like to make him a nice, warm, sturdy hat. I came across some "safety vest orange" yarn which inspired this idea. I have been looking for a felted men's hat pattern, and have not been finding much of anything so far! Could any of you help me out? I believe the yarn is bulky weight, and this will be my first attempt at felting so I would like something to help me out with the pre-felting dimensions. Also, a style with ear flaps would be a bonus. Thanks!


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a general rule of thumb is that all dimensions will shrink by 1/3; but the only way to really know is to swatch in pattern with the needles you'll be using and felt the swatch.

felted the hat will have a lot less elasticity so fit will be pretty crucial.

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Go to a past post of mine:


This will felt up beautifully just like it did back in the 15th century. =^D

BUT: Follow Mario's advise: sample, sample, sample. And use only 100% wool... Michael's or Jo-Ann's carries a nice 100% Merino that's pretty cheap.

If you must, you could add earflaps and a tie from each of them but if you make the brim big enough, that will cover the ears nicely.


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Check out fiber trends - they have this pattern for a felted hunting cap:

Thanks so much for all your input! I don't use nasty synthetic yarns (I'm a bit of a yarn snob), but I'll be sure to make sure that it is 100% wool. Thanks again!


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Humpf, don't wan't to be a spoilsport, but isn't safety orange a bit of a give away while hunting?

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I'm not a hunter (I loathe the idea), but I'm in an area where it is common, so I know the answer to this.

Many animals are color blind, so it doesn't matter what you look like. (What you smell like is another matter, which is why serious hunters will spray themselves with deer urine.) On the other hand, wearing something safety vest orange will make it somewhat less likely that another hunter mistakes you for game and accidentally shoots you.