The unequal flow of time.

I swear - the last 45 minutes of my work day frequently takes about 6 hours to go by; unless of course, I have something that *has* to be finished - in which case the duration of the final 45 minutes is more likely to be 10 minutes or less.

And wasn't it Christmas just a few days ago? How can it possibly be less then two weeks until my Mayfaire gig? And though I am seriously addicted to Renaissance Faires - and even more so to the oppurtunity to perform; I'm resenting the time that prep is taking from my knitting.

Last night I had to print out some inserts and assemble some CD's (just in case someone actually wishes to purchase at the gig) and *didn't get to knit a stitch!*

A horrible feeling. Luckily I can get about 50 stitches done while burning a CD.


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I hear you - it seems like the world is flying by - a friend at work was saying that June is her 3rd wedding anniversary - I remember her wedding (or rather when it was and not going to it) - and it's odd to think it has been so long!

I'm learning every day - and my knitting sometimes helps me track time - I can see in my knitting where I have been and what I have learned - I also see in my knitting where I was as I was making pieces - I guess time flies when you're having fun!

Rennaissance Faires sound fun - I know lots of folks who have been part of them but I have never attended - you're far from California or I'd want to come visit and hear your music!



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The concept of time really is so relative, isn't it? I can't believe that summer is over and we're heading for winter here at the bottom of the globe. I'm always amazed at how quickly time passes when I'm knitting compared to when I'm doing other tasks during the day. As I've grown older, I notice that I don't get as much done during a day as I did when I was younger. But, then again, now I don't worry about it either!

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