LYS in Seattle

Hey everyone,

I'm traveling up to Seattle this weekend for a wedding but will have some free time and was wondering if anyone knew of great yarn shops in the Seattle area. Any suggestions?



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I believe that Seattle is the LYS capital of the world (Lars thinks it’s Portland, Oregon but he’s mistaken.)

My favorite stores are:

- Acorn Street in the University District

- The Yarn Gallery in West Seattle

- The Weaving Works in the University District

- Hilltop Yarns on Queen Anne Hill

Try one (or ALL!) of them. Have a great time in Seattle...maybe I'll see you at one of the stores! (although if I buy any more yarn I may be single again!)


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If you go to Weaving Works, be prepared to spend some time. There's a LOT of stuff there. The have all kinds of yarn, including yarn on cones for weaving (or knitting), fiber for spinning, TONS of books on all kinds of fiber arts, from knitting to basketry to paper making. This is my all time favorite yarn store. I go there every time I make it back to Seattle.

There's also a newish store in downtown Seattle in the Belltown neighborhood called So Much Yarn (2302 1st Ave). They have a good selection and the owner, Lauren, is Fabulous. She used to own a shop in Poulsbo, WA where I took a workshop with Kaffe Fasset when I was a fairly new knitter and she was incredibley encouraging! And when I went to this new store 10 years later, she remembered me!!! So I make it a point to stop in and say hello.

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Hey John,

Thanks for the suggestion. I probably won't have a lot of time in any one store but since this is your all time favorite, I must see it. I'll let you know how it goes.



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Hey Rick,

Thanks for the list! I don't know how much time I'll have but I can probably get to one or two. I'm with Lars though, Portland is the LYS capital, especially if that's all you've got. We got a great LYS in almost every neighborhood down here. And most are pretty amazing. But, I'll compare myself this weekend and let you know. Thanks!


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Tricoter, on Madison St. just east of Lake Washington Blvd., is the pissiest yarn store in the known universe. It's over-the-top chic, and usually over-the-top expensive, and worth a visit just to fondle the merchandise.

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hey If you want a fun adventure, take the ferry to Bainbridge island you can walk to the center of town and It has a wonderful yarn store the church house yarn and teas. They carry some yarns I haven't seen in other stores. It is worth the 6.00$ roundtrip ferrys run every 30 min there are also a couple of great resturants. Have fun!!
PS I can't stand tricotter I didn't have a good expierience there too full of themselves!!! queen ann is great also

A Traveling knitter